• Saleem A Soomro
  • Sohail A Memon
  • Noor Mohammad
  • Mumtaz Maher


Background: Fibroadenoma 5 cm or more is called giant fibroadenoma. Giant fibroadenoma candistort the shape of breast and causes asymmetry, so it should be excised. There are several techniquesfor excision of giant fibroadenoma. In our technique we remove them through cosmetically acceptablecircumareolar incision to maintain the shape and symmetry of breast. The objectives were to assess thecosmetic results of Swiss roll operation for giant fibroadenoma. The study was conducted for six yearsfrom January, 2002 to December, 2007. Methods: Seventy patients of giant fibroadenoma wereincluded in this study. They were diagnosed on history and clinical examination supported byultrasound and postoperative histopathological examination. Data were collected from outpatientdepartment and operation theatre. Swiss roll operation was performed under general anaesthesia.Results: Mean tumor size was 6.38 cm. Three cm and 4 cm incisions were used for tumour ≤6 cm and>6 cm in size respectively. Skin closed with Vicryl 3/0 subcuticular stitches. Sixteen out of 70 patientshad no scar while others hadminimal scar. All patients had normal shape and symmetry of breast. Onhistopathology fibroadenoma was confirmed. Conclusion: Giant fibroadenoma should be removedthrough cosmetically acceptable cicumareolar incision especially in unmarried young females whohave small breast. Swiss-roll operation is superior in maintaining the shape and symmetry of breast. Nomajor complication was found in our series except seroma formation in 10 patients.Keywords: Swiss roll operation, Giant fibroadenoma, Circumareolar incision, Cosmetic results, Breast


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