• Nudrat Anwar
  • Afzal lllahi
  • Abdus Salam Sheikh
  • M. Zamir Ahmad Akbri
  • Zafar Ali Chaudhry


ABSTRACTA dose of 2mg/kg body weight was fed to the goats. The results of weekly morning andevening samples of milk, urine and faeces showed that Carbaryl was present in all these excretions,and its amount progressively increased with the passage of time. Growth rate of goats was affectedas there was significant decrease in the body weight of experimental goats as compared to controlhowever no significant change was observed in body pH. Carbaryl is an insecticide having thefollowing formula:N-methyl, 1-nephthyl, 1-carbamate (Carbaryl) C 1 2H 1 1 O 2N


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