• Muhammad Yusuf
  • Ahmed Badar
  • Ahmad Kamal Ansari


ABSTRACTAgeing is associated with changes and deterioration in functions and structure of manysystems including cardiovascular system. Besides other changes the activity of baroreceptors andautonomic system, both of which are important for the homeostasis of blood pressure under differentphysiological conditions in daily life, is said to be reduced with the advancing age. Food intake isone of the important factors, which influence the cardiovascular system, and readjustments takeplace in the system for blood pressure homeostasis after ingestion of meal. The present study wasplanned to evaluate and compare the postprandial changes in blood pressure in young adults andelderly people. A total of 70 male healthy individuals (50 elderly & 20 young adults) were selectedfor the study. Blood pressure and pulse rate were measured before a standard breakfast and then atintervals of 15 minutes each, after meal, for one hour. In the young adults group, the systolic,diastolic and mean arterial pressure showed no significant change after meal while pulse pressurewas raised for first 30 minutes after meal, returning again to almost pre-prandial level in next 30minutes. The pulse rate was however increased significantly after meal. In the elderly subjects, onthe other hand, there was moderate to marked decline in systolic, diastolic, mean arterial and pulsepressures without any increase in the pulse rate. This response to meal in the elderly subjects wasfound to be significantly different from that in the young adults.


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