• Aziz -ur- Rehman
  • A.K. Saeed
  • Safdar Zaman


ABSTRACT:Data of drug dependence from 9 Drug Abuse Treatment Centres in Pakistan is presented. Thiscomprises a 6 years’ period, that is from 1980 upto 1985.A total number of 21,972 drug dependents were admitted in these centres for treatment. Out ofthis number 20,840 (94.8%) cases were in the age group of 15-35 years. The trend of heroin abusehas substantially increased over the past decade as compared to conventional and traditional drugs.In this data 18,676 cases i.e. 85% were heroin dependent. The results of treatment showed that 50%cases were addiction free, 34% relapsed and 16% could not be traced in six months. Areaidentification showed that 82% of these cases belonged to urban and 28% to rural areas. 74% wereemployed and 28% unemployed. Majority of these cases i.e. 80% started drug abuse under theinfluence of peer group and friends (bad company).


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