• Noor Ahmad Khan
  • Hamdija Ramie
  • Liu Bing
  • Li Jianguo


This descriptive cross sectional study on the users’ assessment of the structural aspect of quality' of carehas been conducted from 4th May to 6h June ]996, in TFC hospital, Tianjin.The objective was to assess the structural aspect of quality of care by users’ point of view and to identifypossible areas of intervention for its improvement. Stratified multistage sampling was used and face toface interviews with 181 users in In-Patients Departments (IPD) were conducted. Using Donabedian 'sclassification of quality the structural/ inputs aspect of quality was assessed through the dependent andindependent variables of quality.The results revealed that 82 % of the users were within 20hn distance from the hospital. A total of 74%term reaching to the hospital as convenient and expenditure not so high (71.8%). An overwhelmingmajority term the hospitalization as easy (90.4%), cleanliness good (94.9 %) and drugs available (92.7%).A total of 93.2% term the services received worth the money paid.Key words: - Users, Inpatients, Quality Assessment, Hospital Care.


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