• Wang Yujiang


Background: Schwann Cells (SC) arc multifunctional glia cells with diversified biological potentials. To study theirbiological activities, ample amount of cultured SC is a pre-requisite. Many sources have been exploited in the past forSC culture but unfortunately no attempt has been made to find the richest source. Methods: To make an attempt inthis direction, we cultured SC under identical conditions from various neural sites in the neonate & young SD albinorats. Fresh, cryopreserved & pre-stimulated neural tissue- have been compared for total & % of SC/unit tissue fromthe combined data of living & immunostained cultures Results: Our data shows that the upper limb nerves have notonly quantitative advantage (2.35x104 cells/rng tissue) but also have significant qualitative edge (P< .05- .01) over theremaining sources. It can be concluded from our data that upper limb nerves are the best available source for SC/unittissue.


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