• Asma Jabeen
  • Umar Ali Khan
  • Ghulam Mustafa Lodhi


Background: The incidence of obesity is increasing worldwide. The lipid derangements and decrease innerve conduction velocity are important complications for which a number of treatment options arebeing considered. In this study, Simvastatin, a hydroxyl methyl glutaryl coenzyme A reductase inhibitoris studied for its effects on these complications of obesity. Methods: The study was a randomisedcontrol trial conducted at Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi in collaboration withRailway General Hospital, Rawalpindi, and National Institute of Health, Islamabad. Ninety adult maleSprague Dawley rats were divided into three groups with thirty rats in each group. One group of rats wastaken as control with normal diet while other two groups were given High Fat Diet (HFD) for the wholestudy period, i.e., 10 weeks. One of the HFD group was given Simvastatin along with high fat diet forfour weeks. Lipid profile was done by enzymatic colorimetric method. Conduction velocity of sciaticnerve was determined with the help of PowerLab® data acquisition system. Results: The two groupswith HFD showed more than 25% increase in weight at the end of study as compared to control group.HFD group showed significantly higher lipid profile and decreased sciatic nerve conduction velocitywhen compared with control. The group that was given Simvastatin showed significant improvement inlipid profile and increased sciatic nerve conduction velocity after 4 weeks when compared with the groupthat was given HFD without any intervention. Conclusions: Simvastatin is effective for improving thelipid profile and sciatic nerve conduction velocity in HFD induced obesity.Keywords: Obesity, Simvastatin, nerve conduction velocity


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