• Shaheen Pervez Khan
  • Jahangir Khan
  • Abdul Waheed


Two hundred and sixteen drinking water samples from various sources in Hazara Division and DistrictMianwali were tested for fluoride levels.In Hazara Division, out of 161 water samples, only 4 samples were found to ha\’e fluoride levels withinacceptable range (0.8-1.5 PPM), remaining samples had fluoride either very low or not at all. The fluoriderange was from 0.0 to 0.9 ppm with a mean of 0.11 ppm.In District Mianwali, 55 drinking water samples were tested, the fluoride content was within normal limitsor high, except few samples having less fluoride concentration. The range was 0.3 to 6.5 ppm with mean of1.46 ppm.1739 Primary and High School going boys and girls of District Abbottabad,Haripur and Mianwali were examined for dental caries. In Hazara Division 61 % were found to have mildto severe dental caries while in District Mianwali, it was 4.9% while mottling was 14.6%.


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