• Ghazala Malik
  • Fareesa Waqar
  • Ghulam Qadir Buledi


Background: This study was carried out to evaluate the applicability of sonomammography as theprimary radiological modality in young patients with breast masses. Methods: This study wascarried out at Radiology Departments of PNS Shifa Karachi and CMH Rawalpindi from February2002 to April 2005. Sonomammography of 56 young patients with breast lump was done. Lesionswere characterised by using sonographic criteria as benign (n=49), malignant (n=2) andintermediate (n=5) masses. Results of this evaluation were assessed by fine needle aspirationcytology. Results: No false positive result was noted in 49 benign lesions while only oneintermediate mass turned out to be malignant. Sensitivity of sonomammography was more forbenign 92% than malignant lesions 67%, and its specificity was high for malignant lesions 92.4%.Retrospective scanning was done for intermediate masses. Conclusion: This study proves theefficacy of ultrasound as a method of choice to evaluate breast masses in young patients avoidingthe need of biopsy. This study also reflects that benign diseases dominate the disease spectrum inyoung patients.Keywords: Sonomammography, benign diseases, young patients.


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