• Muhammad Idris
  • Javed Sarwar
  • Jamila Fareed


Background: Malaria is endemic in Abbottabad and the adjoining areas like many other parts ofthe country. Depending upon the environmental conditions different species of malarial parasiteare found in different areas. The present study was planned to see the pattern of malarial infectiondiagnosed at Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad. Methods: Giemsa stained thick and thin bloodfilms of indoor and outdoor febrile patients sent to the laboratory of Ayub Teaching HospitalAbbottabad with a suspicion of malaria, were examined. Thick film was examined for thediagnosis of malaria while thin films were seen to know the species. Results: Out of 1994 patientsscreened, 145 (7.2%) were found infected. Plasmodium vivax was seen in the majority(72.47.2%). Plasmodium falciparum was the second common species detected in 24.1 % cases.Mixed infection was seen in 3.44% cases while Plasmodium malariae and ovale was not seen inany patient. Conclusion: Plasmodium vivax was the commonest type of malaria diagnosed atAyub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad, during 2002- 2004.Key words: Malaria; Plasmodium


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