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Background: The exercise has got a definite effect on serum testosterone level like many other physical andpsychological stressors. Almost no study is available about the effects of standard exercise at two different altitudesin the same group of untrained exercisers. However, some data is available regarding trained athletes. This study wasdesigned to compare the effect of doubling the altitude on serum testosterone level in the same group of untrainedmen exposed to standard exercise. Materials and Methods: 10 untrained male subjects were exposed to a standardexercise (submaximal cycle ergometer test) at 4300 feet and 8600 feet ASL (above sea level). Serum testosterone levelwas tested in the venous samples taken before and after the exercise. Results: The testosterone levels before theexercise were not significantly different at the two heights, however significant difference was observed in the samplestaken immediately after exercise mid 2 hours after exercise. In both these cases serum testosterone at the higher altitudewas significantly more. Conclusions: Standard exercise at high altitude in untrained men leads to an increase intestosterone level that is significantly more than a similar exercise at a lower altitude.


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