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Background: Peptic ulcer is a common ailment for which over production of gastric acid is themain cause. This study was undertaken to find out the effects of Calcium channel blockerVerapamil and Cimetidine on volume and acidity of Carbacol induced gastric section, free andtotal acidity of carbachol induced gastric secretion and their effects were also compared.Methods: Thirty rabbits of local breed weighing 1-1.5kg were used. The animals were kept onfasting for 48 hours after which the pylorus of each was ligated. Verapamil 10mg/kg, Cimetidine2.5 mg/kg and Carbachol 600μg/kg body weight were administered intrapertoneally in pylorusligated rabbits. Results: It was found that Verapamil reduced the volume, free and total acidity ofgastric secretion, which were statistically highly significant when compared with Carbachol(P<0.001). Cimetidine also had the same effects. when the difference of means values broughtabout by verapamil were compared with those of Cimetidine, all these differences were foundstatistically non significant, indicating that Verapamil has similar effect as that of Cimetidine onall parameters included in study. Conclusion: Verapamil has significant effect on volume andacidity of carbachol induced gastric secretion.Keywords: Verapamil, Cimetidine, Carbachol, Gastric Secretion, Rabbit, Stomach, Acidity


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