• Aziz ur Rehman Yousafzai
  • Muhammad Yousuf
  • Muhammad Jan
  • Ahmed Badar


Background: Testosterone affects neurobehavioral functions in men. It has positive effects on the mood. The availablestudies suggest that some depressed older men may have state-dependent low testosterone levels and that somedepressed men may improve with androgen treatment. This study was done to look for relationship of testosteronelevel with major depression in young patients. The daytime testosterone level and nighttime testosterone level in thesubjects was also compared. Methods: 25 young patients admitted in psychiatry7 unit of Ayub Teaching Hospital inthe age range 25-35 years were randomly selected for the study. It was ascertained that none of the subjects wassexually abnormal before the onset of disease. Daytime sample was taken at 12 noon while the nighttime sample at12 midnights. The testosterone level was done by radioimmunoassay. The results were compared with matchingcontrols. Results: The daytime and nighttime means were compared between the controls and subjects. Both the valueswere significantly lower in the depressed subjects. The value of nighttime testosterone was significantly more thanthe daytime testosterone in the depressed subjects. Conclusion: Testosterone level is significantly decreased in youngpatients with major depression.


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