• Tahira Sajid
  • Hasan Sajid Kazmi
  • Shahid Ali Shah
  • Zulfiqar Ali
  • Farida Khan
  • Rehman Ghani
  • Jaffar Khan


Background: Diseases of nose and paranasal sinuses can complicate to involve the orbit and othersurrounding structures because of their close proximity. These diseases are usually infective or canbe neoplastic in origin. Method: All the patients presenting in ENT or Eye Departments of AyubTeaching Hospital during the one year study period who had complicated nose or paranasal sinusdisease were included in the study. A detailed history and examination followed by CT scanningand laboratory investigations to assess the type and extent of the disease, was carried out. Results:Infections were the most common cause of complicated sinus disease 11 (75%). The rest of the 4(25%) cases were tumours. 12 (80%) of the cases presented with proptosis. In 1 of these 12 cases,there was complete blindness. In 2 (13%) of the cases there was only orbital cellulitis. Two ofthese patients had facial swelling and 2 had nasal obstruction and presented as snoring. Twopatients presented with history of weight loss and these patients had malignant tumour of theparanasal sinuses. One patient presented with early signs of meningitis. In 1 case subperiostealscalp abscess (Pott’s puffy tumour) was the only complication noted. Conclusion: Nose andparanasal sinus diseases can complicate to involve mostly the orbit, but sometimes brain,meninges and skull bones can also get involved.Keywords: Paranasal sinuses, orbital complications, complicated sinus disease, Pott’s puffy tumour


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