• Sumbal Tariq
  • Abdul Rauf
  • Saqib Malik
  • Abdul Rashid


Background: Tuberculosis (TB), which is a very common droplet infection. If untreated, the diseasemay be fatal within 5 years in more than half of cases. The aim of this hospital based descriptive studywas to see mode of its presentation in our set-up. Method: The study was conducted in Medical Unit,Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad and 500 diagnosed cases of tuberculosis were included in thisstudy. History regarding presenting symptoms, age, sex, etc. was taken. Results: Out of the 500patients, 277 (55.4%) were male and 223 (44.6%) were female. Two-hundred-three (40.5%) were inage group 21–35 years, 136 (27.1%) were in age group 36–50 years, 141 (28.1%) were in age group51–65 years while 20 (4%) were above 65 years of age. Three-hundred-and-eighty (76%) presented asPulmonary TB, 47 (9.4%) as Abdominal TB, 45 (9%) as TB Meningitis, 13 (2.6%) as Pott’s Disease, 7(1.4%) as TB Lymphadenitis, 6 (1.2%) as Constrictive Pericarditis, 1 (0.2%) as Psoas Abscess and 1(0.2%) as TB Orchitis. Conclusion: TB in its various forms remains a killer disease in our part of theworld. The commonest presentation is Pulmonary TB which is probably due to three major factorsnamely poor hygienic practices, late diagnosis and non-compliance.Keywords: Tuberculosis, Acid Fast Bacillus, Pott’s disease, Psoas Abscess, Non-Compliance


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