• Humaira Imtiaz Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Ayub Medical College
  • Wajid Akbar Department Of Anatomy, Bacha Khan Medical College
  • Omair Khan Jadoon AMC
  • Usman Ali Bacha Khan Medical College
  • Sadaf Ambreen Khyber Medical College
  • Sumaira Javed AMC
  • Farkhanda Shaheen Bacha Khan Medical College
  • Jamil Anwar Bacha Khan Medical College


Background: Thalassemia is inherited disorder characterized by haemolytic anaemia, due to complete absence or reduced β-globin chain synthesis, stimulating pathological bone marrow overstimulation and altered erythropoiesis. The change in bone mass ultimately results into miss interpretation of bone age once assed from x-ray radiograph. The aims compare skeletal age of thalassaemic children of 9–15 years with chronological age by x-ray wrist bones. Methods: This was cross sectional analytical study; the study was conducted in conjunction with Fatimid Hospital Peshawar Pakistan and Out Patients Department (OPD) of paediatrics for minor illness (other than Thalassemia) Khyber Teaching Hospital August 2014 to January 2015. A total 156 samples were selected convenient sampling to make comparison of bone age and chronological age between thalassaemic children (age 9–15years) and age sex matched normal control. A structure data collection check list was used to collect data X-ray findings (bone age). SPSS 20 was used for statistical analysis. Results: The results showed a total of 156 children with their mean age 11.9±2.2, male were 97 (62.2%) and females 59 (37.8%). Out of thalassaemic (n=76) majority 49 (62.8%) were male as compared to female 29 (37.2%). The mean chorological age among both of group were not significantly different (p=0.67). However, the bone age was significantly different from each other (p=0001). Pearson’s correlation analysis revealed that was strong correlation between erupt teeth and bone age (r=0.462, p=0.0001). Conclusions: Skeletal age assessment was found to be suboptimal along with chronological age in children and adolescents suffering from thalassemia. Keywords: Chronological age; B-Thalassemia Major; Bone age; Paediatrics; Sex matched

Author Biographies

Humaira Imtiaz, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Ayub Medical College

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, Ayub Medical College

Wajid Akbar, Department Of Anatomy, Bacha Khan Medical College

Department Of Anatomy, Bacha Khan Medical College

Omair Khan Jadoon, AMC

Asst Prof. Forensic Medicine, AMC, ATD

Usman Ali, Bacha Khan Medical College

Bacha Khan Medical College

Sadaf Ambreen, Khyber Medical College

Khyber Medical College

Sumaira Javed, AMC


Farkhanda Shaheen, Bacha Khan Medical College

Bacha Khan Medical College

Jamil Anwar, Bacha Khan Medical College

Bacha Khan Medical College


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