• Mir Hassan Khan
  • Attia Azim
  • Faiza Banuri
  • Neelum Mabood
  • Zardad Ali


Parasitic infection and Hb level of 230 school children at Peshawar University were observedduring October, 1992 to May, 1993.The overall infection rate was 29.1% of which 6% showed mixed infection. Among positiveeases Ascaris lumbricoids was the commonest (38.8%), followed by Hymenolepis nana (26.9%).E. Coli was present in 10.4% cases, G. Lambliain 9% cases and E. Histolytica in 6% cases. However,the prevalence rale each for T. Saginate and E. Vermiculeris was 3%, while T. Trichiure andHookworm each was found in 1.5% eases.The mean haemoglobin in healthy subject was 13.6 g/dl, while in infected subjects it was 11.4g/dl. the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05).


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