• Nasreen Gul
  • Javed Sarwar
  • Muhammad Idris
  • Jamila Farid
  • Farhat Rizvi
  • Muhammad Suleman
  • Syed Humayun Shah


Background: Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), the causative agent of Hepatitis C is prevalent in differentcountries including Pakistan. Studies have been conducted on various aspects of HCV in Pakistan.The present study was planed to see the prevalence of hepatitis C in pregnant females of HazaraDivision. Methods: Five hundred pregnant females of reproductive age group from HazaraDivision selected by non probability convenient sampling technique were studied from 1st March2006 to 28th February 2007 at Ayub Teaching Hospital, and District Headquarter HospitalsAbbottabad, Haripur and Mansehra. After initial serving by immunology technique positive caseswere confirmed by Enzyme Linked Immunosorbant Essay (ELISA). Results: Seroprevalence ofHCV in pregnant females of Hazara division was 8.9%. Females aged from 25–35 constituted thelargest group among positive cases. HCV was more prevalent in District Abbottabad as comparedto the other districts of Hazara division. Conclusion: Seroprevalence of HCV in pregnant femalesof Hazara Division is different from the figures already reported form the other parts of Pakistan.Keywords: Hepatitis C, Chronic liver disease, Seroprevalence


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