• Rukhshan Khurshid
  • Najla Shore
  • Mahjabeen Saleem
  • Mammona Naz
  • Nazia Zameer


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major cause of pleural effusion, which in TB usually haslymphocytic and exudative characteristics. Analysis of adenosine deaminase (ADA) activity is avery useful diagnostic approach to achieve a more rapid and precise diagnosis in cases of PleuralTB (pTB). Methods: Fifty male and fifty female patients presenting with tuberculous pleuraleffusion was included in the study. The patients were taken from the medical ward of Sir GangaRam Hospital between September 2001 and September 2002. Activity of Adenosine Deaminase(ADA) was estimated by the technique of Sodium dodecyl sulphate electrophoresis (SDS-EF)using 10% polyacrylamide gel. Results: Mean age of males was 45.72±19.22 years and of femalewas 43.74±16.09 years. Mean protein level was 3.39±0.24 g/dl in males, and it was 3.02±0.26 g/dlin females. Mean specific gravity both in males and females was 1.020±0.01. The results show anincreased level of enzyme ADA in patients as compared to normal subjects. Conclusion:Estimation of ADA activity may provide basis for rapid and efficient diagnosis of pleural TB indifferent clinical settings. However study should be extended to larger number of patients to reacha better conclusion.Keywords: Adenosine deaminase, Pleural TB, Electrophoresis


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