• Purdil Khan
  • Aziz Ahmad
  • Noor Muhammad
  • Taj Muhammad Khan
  • Bilal Ahmad


Background: Cirrhosis liver is amongst the commonest clinical conditions in Pakistan. Besidesother causes, it is mostly related to previous viral infection, in this part of the world. The mainobjective of this study was to find the frequency of HBsAg and anti HCV in cirrhotic patients ofSwat district. Methods: This Prospective Study was conducted in the Medical unit of SaiduTeaching Hospital, Saidu Sharif from January 2006 to December 2006. One hundred and tenCirrhotic Patients, 62 Male and 48 Female aged from 14 to 75 years were included in this study.Sera were tested by 3rd generation Elisa method. Results: Fifty-nine out of 110 (53.6%) patientswere positive for anti HCV antibodies. Twenty-four (21.81%) Patients were positive for HBsAg.Eleven (10%) patients were positive for both HBsAg and anti HCV anti bodies. Sixteen (14.54%)were negative for both sero maker of hepatitis B and C. Conclusion: It is evident from this studythat Hepatitis C, is a leading cause of cirrhosis in District Swat followed by HBV. Both the virusesaccount for at least three fourths of the total Cirrhotic.Keywords: Cirrhosis liver, HBsAg, Anti HCV


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