• Muhammad Asif
  • Shahid Ali Shah
  • Farida Khan
  • Rehman Ghani


Background: Foreign body inhalation is a relatively commonly encountered emergency inotolaryngology. Foreign body can get lodged at any site from the supraglottis to the terminalbronchioles. Rigid bronchoscopy is one of the well established methods of removing inhaledforeign body with fewer complications. Methods: This prospective study was conducted in theDepartment of ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad, from January2003 to June 2005. The total number of patients was eighty one. Patients in whom a foreign bodywas retrieved, were included in the study. Results: Foreign body was found in the right mainbronchus in sixty patients (74.1%), left main bronchus in seventeen patients (21%), terminalbronchioles in two patients (2.5%) and one patient (1.2%) each in trachea and laryngeal inlet.Foreign body was successfully removed in seventy-nine patients (97.5%). Nineteen patients(23.5%) had postoperative airway edema, one (1.2%) had trauma to the false cord and lacerationof the posterior pharyngeal wall. Conclusion: It was concluded that the right main bronchus is themost common site of impaction of inhaled foreign body. Rigid bronchoscopy is very effectiveprocedure for inhaled foreign body removal with fewer complications.Keywords: Foreign body; Bronchoscopy; Trachea


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